Introduction to Wappler

Hi, and welcome to your journey to become a low-code master!

What is Wappler?

Wappler is a visual low-code building tool that helps you create responsive websites and mobile apps. Now, we know that isn’t anything new these days. So what makes us so different from the rest? We give you complete freedom .

You are in control of all the source code, have full access to it and can use any hosting provider of your choice for your web sites and apps. We just provide the software and the help.

With Wappler you can create any website or mobile app you want, host wherever you want. Even if you cancel your subscription with Wappler your website or app is still live, the code is still yours, the files are still yours and everything still works. You don’t need Wappler in order to stay online. No vendor lock-ins. Complete freedom .

Because of our build-in tools your productivity will be much higher as it allows you to quickly design and build powerful custom websites and apps, such as custom CMS systems for blogs, e-commerce, admin panels, user management systems and more.

Wappler is a standalone desktop app for Windows, Mac OS and Linux so you can download it and use it on your computer.

Wappler Fundamentals