Creating a New Local Project

Project management in Wappler ensures all your files are safely stored in a single place.

Wappler has a powerful project manager allowing you to get started with designing your new website as quickly as possible, from either a blank page to an existing template that might suit your needs.

Step 1: Navigate to the Project Manager panel. If this is the first time you are running Wappler then the Project Manager will be automatically loaded.

Step 2: You will see 2 demo projects which are included in Wappler as well as options to open an existing project or create a new one:

Step 3: Click Create New Project:

Step 4: You can choose whether to use some of the included Bootstrap 4 starter pages and templates or create a blank project:

Step 5: Let’s start with a blank project:

Step 6: Enter the project name(1), choose a folder on your hard disk drive, where the project should be stored with all it’s files(2) and choose the project type(3) from the select menu. In this case we are setting up a website. Then click the Create button(4) in order to create the project:

Step 7: Your project is now loaded into the Wappler interface, so let’s create our first file. Open the File Manager:

Step 8: And create a new HTML file. We will call it “index.html”:

Step 9: Now you can open your file by double clicking on it and start working: