Connecting to a Database

Wappler’s powerful visual server-side tools allow you to easily connect to your Database in a few clicks.

Before you create your databse connection, make sure to setup the target(s) for your project (development / production) as this is required for the Database Connection.

Creating a Database Connection

The Database Connections you create are globally available for all your server actions across your project. You need to setup your Database Connection once, and then you can reuse it in all the steps which require a connection.

Open the Server Connect panel:

You will see the Database Connections settings under Globals:

Right click Database Connections and select Add Database Connection:

In the Database Connection dialog, enter the details for your Database Connection (for the selected target):

Click the Save button, when you are done:

Then click Save in Server Connect panel to save your Database Connection.

If you are working with different targets and each of them has different database connection details, please set up your details per each target as explained here.