Dynamic Select Menu

Creating a dynamic select menu is really easy with Wappler.

First you just need to create a server action, which pulls the dynamic action from your database.
After you create the query open the App Connect panel and add new component:

Open Data:

Select Server Connect:

And then click the select server action button:

Select the server action containing your database query:

We have a form on our page - that’s where we are going to insert our select menu. Right click the form:

Open Forms:

And add Select Form Group:

This adds a static select menu, with a few dummy options:

We remove the default dummy options, as we won’t need them:

Then we need to select the data source for the dynamic select. Click the dynamic data button:

Under the server connect component > data select your database query:

Then, select the text to be displayed in the select:

Select the binding which you need to show here:

And finally we select the option value:

Click the binding and then the click the select button:

Save your page and you are done! Now you have a dynamic select menu, which lists the records from your database table: