Bootstrap 4 Forms

You can quickly design your forms using Bootstrap 4 tools integrated in Wappler. In order to create a form first select where to insert it, in our example this is inside a Bootstrap 4 column:

Open the Forms category and select whether to use any of the predefined form templates, or create a new one from scratch. We select to create one from scratch, so click Form:

You can see the form added on our page. Click add inside in order to add form elements:

Open the Forms category:

And then inside it, select the element you want to add. In our example this is a text input group:

You can explore its structure in the App Structure panel:

Select any of the elements, like the input label and its properties will appear in the properties inspector. You can change the ID, Class, Size or Text here:

When you select the input its properties appear. Customize its type, name, placeholder text here. Setup its size and the rest of the properties:

You can delete a form element either in design view (1) or using the App Structure toolbar (2):

In order to add another element just select the current one, and click the insert before or insert after:

Open the forms group, and select the next element to be added:

You can find it in Design View and App Structure:

That’s how to add a form and add different elements inside it. You can add unlimited elements inside the form - just customize the element properties as you need.