Using Bootstrap with Custom Paths

Often, when using custom Bootstrap 4 templates purchased or downloaded from a template provider you need to use custom include paths for the Bootstrap 4 css and js files. Local and CDN options available in the Frameworks menu are not suitable in such cases.

Using Custom Bootstrap 4 Paths

First you need to setup your project and place all the template files in the site root. You can see that the Bootstrap 4 files are located in a specific vendor folder:

Then open the Project Settings:

Open the Frameworks menu:

By default Bootstrap 4 local is added to your project, but we want to change this. Click the Add New Framework button:

Open the Bootstrap 4 category and select Bootstrap 4 custom:

You will see the Bootstrap 4 local include has been replaced with the custom option. Select it and click the Framework Options button:

The Framework options dialog appears. Here you can select the paths to the Bootstrap 4 js and css files for your template. Click the select path for the js include:

Browse to the custom path and select the js file used for your template:

Do the same for the css include:

Browse to the custom path and select the css file for your template:

Click Save:

And then Save the Project Settings:

You can load an HTML page from your project folder and the Bootstrap 4 includes will be recognized by Wappler:

The only thing left is to add the App Connect framework to the page, so you can enjoy the great features it offers. Click the Add Framework button:

And add App Connect:

And you are done. You can use your template and edit it in Wappler: